(where 'rfm' stands for Rehearsal & Foldback Monitor)
rfm50 image
Front and rear views of Rehearsal & Foldback Monitor, (with Beta 58 mic to show size).

Intended as a very portable and uncomplicated, high quality, powered speaker for vocalists to use in impromptu rehearsals, where the transporting of a complete PA system would be a disincentive. I developed the rfm50 several years ago, at a time where few such devices were available. Those that were typically cost a lot. In the time since I made and sold (all) of these, the market is now full of good quality and affordable versions of the same sort of thing. I particularly like the SRM150 made by Mackie. 

The rfm50 measured 32x30x18cm, and featured an integrated 50W (rms) power amp, dedicated microphone pre-amp (with trim control), 2 mid-range/woofers and 2 ferrofluid dome tweeters. The unit was angled back for more efficient dispersion characteristics, had an uncomplicated user interface (just a volume controls), an integral pole-mount capability, a robust steel loudspeaker grille and a sprung carry handle

rfm50 technical spec:

Power rating: 50W rms
input: balanced line-level XLR
Mic pre-amp input:balanced/unbalanced jack

output: XLR signal link
( used to link on to another rfm50, or PA system)

mic trim, and main volume control

RFM50 no longer available to buy. 

Please note: the rfm50 and the above text all remain Copyright of Steve Berry, July 2002. All rights reserved.

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