Since as long as I can remember I have had a fascination for the technology involved in reproducing sound & music. In the initial instance it arose from my desire to build amplifiers for my electric guitar, and a PA for our band's vocals (...we're talking the early 1970s here), mainly because we couldn't afford the real stuff. 

    Subsequently this turned into a desire to amplify my double bass more satisfyingly than the stock equipment seemed to acheive (...and now we're talking the early '80s). This led me into collaboration with the two Joneses; Graham and Griffith (not related). 

    Graham patiently taught me much, and helped me lots, ultimately leading to a custom created bass rig that served me faithfully up until 2000. (That rig still exists and is in use by a former pupil of mine.) 

    Griffith used to run Accusound, and it's thanks to him that the bridge arch contact microphone came into existence, an item I still use. I used to enthusiastically endorse the device, but since the company was taken over the format and functionality of the bass device seems to have gone off the rails somewhat IMHO. Until such time as the Accusound device is revised I presently advise people to check out the Shadow NFX device, being an affordable and functional option.

    Once upon a time I developed a small vocal monitor, small enough to fit in a shoulder bag. Primarily designed to assist jazz vocalists for use in most rehearsal situations, and small to medium sized gigs. More detailed info by clicking here: RFM50 (rehearsal & foldback monitor).

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